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DigiTech Dental Restorations provides dentists across the U.S. with digitally fabricated BruxZir® Solid Zirconia, IPS e.max® and Prismatik Clinical Zirconia restorations, as well as Inclusive® Custom Implant Abutments.  Read more about DigiTech.

Our digital manufacturing process ensures high-quality restorations that exhibit consistent fit, contacts and occlusion. Combine this with our experienced team of dental professionals who fine-tune the esthetics and contours to your prescription, and the result is restorations that require little to no chairside adjustment.  See how it works.

Our Customer Service staff is here to help with your restorative casework. Shipping is fast and easy. Send traditional impressions, or save time and money by sending your casework to us digitally.  Get started today.

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Our digital processes ensure precision, reduce remakes, and lower costs.

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